No-Cost Flu Vaccines

Influenza Immunization Update: Flu disease usually peaks in Ohio in late winter/early spring, so it’s not to late to get protected!  Some additional flu vaccine facts:

  • Flu vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months old and older.
  • Babies under 6 months old are too young to be vaccinated. The flu is also more dangerous for them, so parents, family, and caregivers can protect their babies by getting the vaccine themselves.

Children are not the only ones who need to get their shots.  Adults may need a booster, annual flu vaccine, travel immunizations, or immunizations for work or changing health status.  Click here to review the CDC Adult Immunization Schedule.

Your physician is the best person to consult with regarding any shots you may need.  If they do not have the vaccines you need at their office please feel free to contact one of our AICCO member providers  click here (to go to Local Clinics page) or your local health department for help.

What other vaccines do you need beside your annual flu shot?
Find out by answering a few questions with the Adult Vaccine Scheduler from the CDC. Download the program, install and run it, and it will give you a personalized set of recommendations based on age, gender, and special risks.